Sunclaw :

Sunclaw is a dragon that can be found in the Outlands ( in the desert area ) just as you enter go to the left and follow the wall.

In order to do his quest you must find the drake's tooth, its on the part of the beach between the pirate's cove and the small huts.

Then you need to collect some flowers that grow around the huts and make a healing potion for him.

He will take you on his back to an island where you cand find the scepter of hammara.

Attention : On the island you also find a drake's egg in a nest. That's how you get the so called " dragon mount".

Do not kill Sunclaw before the quest!

There is another way to get to the island in case you missed the egg, swim there.

Glitches :

Crashing is semi-avoidable. Once you enter a room and the game keeps on crashing, enter it again and save right away. The game will still crash but when you reload it will work fine. ( worked for me ). This way you won't get stuck.

Misc. :

I've got a mage, lvl 46 and almost 50k in the bank. I didnt finish the main quest yet nor did I beat the minotaur ( 50 k xp!!! ) because I want to grind 1-2 more lvls so when I reach Merificus I will be lvl 50 + ( n beat the crap out of him ) apparently its really difficult to reach lvl 50 ( i didnt find any1 yet that got there ) but the trick is to keep the highest xp quests for last.

To get rich simply go to the icy area, where you have the ice spirits and kill as many as you can, they drop jewels non-stop.

Will read more forums and post here as soon as I find more interesting questions. In the mean time feel free to write to me on if you need help with some quests or glitches!